Hello and Welcome to Christian Photo Prints! My name is Eddie Marke! its great to have you here!

i created this site to combine my two passions – Travel photography and Goodness of God!

when i came into this world i became catholic by default, but my parents haven’t really practiced it, so i was only exposed to God’s word in bible classes at school for a brief time, but then pretty much dropped it all together!

As the life went on, i had my share of fun and troubles and finally found myself divorced and broken family situation. that is when i somehow came across Joel Osteen and his messages, which i started listening pretty much on daily basis and then learned about other amazing pastors like Mike Todd, Steven Furtick, Joyce Meyers and others!

It gave me a new hope and a foundation to realize that all those things that happened to me were as a form of tests that made me realize God’s goodness! and while i still consider myself a beginner in Christianity. I do already feel that i am a part of something bigger! and I am grateful to know that i have foundation to stand on! and that i don’t have to blame myself for my past actions, but instead ask God’s forgiveness!

Therefore as a way to say thank you, i have decided to combine my photography art with the quotes of my favorite pastors i listen to and create Christian Art Gifts for people to decorate their homes with. Along with a little reminded of God’s word or a specific pastor’s message.

Every piece has been created by me personally and i gave it a lot of thought to match those messages with the image, to convey the most emotion and meaning to the recipient! I hope you like my art and i hope you support my project!

i intend to share the profits from all sales with the ministries of pastors whose quotes i have used! thanks again for visiting and i hope you can find here what you like and what resonates most with your heart!

If you don’t see what you like, i also offer custom quote, psalms or scripture placements on my photographs made available for prints. for special requests send me an email at request@christianphotoprints.com

God Bless!

Eddie Marke