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Believing Is Seeing Not The Other Way Around

To walk by faith is to believe you will see something before it can be seen in real life. When a developer looks at the bare land in the hills. He can only see trees, shrubs, grass and rocks laying on it with his physical sight. But in his heart and mind he can see a fresh development with 75 brand new homes on it. With streets, a park, a convenient store, light posts illuminating street corners, families moving in, community growing! Or when the architect looks at the plot of land he envisions a sky scraper that he then puts on paper for someone to build it from nothing.

Same happened with every single gadget that you own, drive, fly, hold in your hand. There was a time when there were no pens, no bicycles, no cars, no fridges not much or anything. Things someone had to create from nothing. Inspired with their hearts desire to solve life’s problems, inventors, engineers and creators use this principle on daily basis. They first see it in their minds, they believe they can build a rocket, they believe they can find cure for a new disease and then they create it in real life later.

Joel Osteen Quote says: “Faith is the evidence of things not seen”. This is exactly what our Creator wants us to do on daily basis. To have faith that things are working in your favor and that God is working behind the scene to get you to fulfill your destiny! When you walk by faith and not by human sight, you show God you trust Him, you trust His way, you trust Him completely to guide you where you need to be!

Many of us however want to see some signs that things are working in our favor! We often prefer the easy way out. We want to see the evidence first. We even have a saying: ” I will believe it when I see it”. Only then we might start believing God is working to help us! And that may happen now from time to time. Anyone can believe what they see. It doesn’t take any faith. But this is an easy way and it is actually backwards.

Because the real faith doesn’t require any signs. Real faith believes, no matter what is happening in this moment, especially when the negative things hit us. It is easy to just say oh see this is not working. This is not what I want. How can this be God helping me…

It actually does. It is helping you. Just not the exact way you imagine. If all things just went how you want it. You wouldn’t nee God or use faith. You would always know what is going to happen and how things will turn out in your favor! The reason it happens the way it does now is because it is testing your faith, to see if you will keep your head up high in the face of adversity or will you stop believing!

It means when negative things happen, it doesn’t mean they are working against us. They are actually working FOR US! If you have received bad news, or some situation didn’t go as you have planned. That means it is preparing you for the favors you will receive in the future and He is making sure you can handle them.

You don’t really need a sign to know God is working. But if you do, just look back on your life and take count of all the great things God has already accomplished in your life!

A great prayer to add to this message is:

” I am not moved by what I see. I am moved by what I know… And I know God is most faithful and He will deliver what he promised upon me!”

Watch an inspiring message by Pastor Joel Osteen from the Lakewood Church in Houston on this subject: “Believing Without A Sign

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