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The Real You

We all have heard when a baby is born into the world it is usually happy, ecstatic, curious, free, just starting its life to fulfill its full potential. The baby does not concern itself with failure, if it falls, it gets right back up and tries walking again. If it gets hungry, it cries and then stops immediately after its full, without having to slip into depression rationalizing how unworthy it feels when the mother didn’t bring on milk on time. The baby starts out weak, feeble, fragile and with little life skills, but somehow babies mother never concerns itself with these shortcoming. Because mother knows its just temporary. That when the time passes, the baby will grow, become stronger, smarter and will grow up to be a healthy human being!

As adults we often tend to forget this principle. When we grow up, our minds and hearts fill with all kinds of desires, we grow impatient, frustrated and down right depressed if things are not going our way. Because we (like babies) want things to happen right away, on our time table. The problem is, God does not operate on our time table. He operates on His. Before you were formed in your mothers womb, He already has planned the whole life ahead for you and is watching your every step as you are on your way to fulfill your destination. Unlike us, he doesn’t get critical, or disappointed, because you haven’t reached your destination yet. He is sitting there, just like the mother watching a baby, knowing with full faith that you will move forward, learn and grow and become what you were always intended to be!

When a sculptor is creating a statue out of a large chunk of stone. He doesn’t care what the rock looks like now, or how many chips it has on the side of it. He just pushes through to follow his vision of the ideal statue that will come out in the end. He chisels away one imperfection after the other to carve out the necessary shapes to get the result he wants in the end. He keeps on working until the job is complete and the final results is achieved- the perfect statue is finished – a new masterpiece is born.

Same way our Heavenly Father is looking at us at any given point and chooses not to see our shortcomings and inadequacies. Because he knows, whatever the shortcomings we have, they can be chiselled away over time, to mold us into more fulfilled, content and more successful human beings! He knows we will get to out destination if we keep our faith, continue on doing our best, continue on being kind and helpful to ourselves and others, continue on moving forward thanking God for all (good and bad) that is coming our way! Knowing for sure that we are following his plan and are on our way to fulfill our divine destiny!

Stop looking down on yourself, or criticizing yourself when things are not going your way. Don’t get stuck thinking you have already arrived and this is the end. Instead change it to gratitude and Thank Him for all you have gotten to this point and the lesson you have learned along the way, the people you have met who have helped you. The opportunities that came your way to get you to where you are now! You are not a finished product. You’re on a path to greatness and becoming a masterpiece you were intended to be!

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