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Life Happens For You – Joel Osteen Quote Art- Canvas Prints


life happens for you joel osteen quotes

joel osteen quotes art on wall“Nothing in life has happened to you. it has happened for you. every disappointment every set back, every closed door has made you into who you are now!!!”

this is one of my favorite sayings of Joel Osteen. it is really meant to change a persons perspective. In fact I heard Tony Robbins say this many times as well. Trade your expectations for appreciation. if you just change the way you look at life and you just shift your perspective from being a victim(as in life happens to you) to being a victor(life happens for you). you can quickly realize that everything that happens in life is God’s way to teach you something or show you how great he is or have you go through a difficulty or a disappointment, because he knows that will make you stronger and get you prepared to handle bigger and greater things in life!

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Order this canvas print for yourself or as a christian art gift for your friends or family! it looks great on wall!

also click the link to check out more Joel Osteen quotes art on our website! and if you’re a fan of Joel visit his website for Joel Osteen Lakewood Church! the church is amazing! i have visited and can tell you one thing! Joel was not lying! it truly has the most amazing people in Houston Texas! no doubt about it!

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